Buy weed online

Recreational marijuana became legal in Canada in 2018. Medical marijuana is still widely used since it’s legalization in 2001. Canada has grown to establish itself as the largest cannabis market since the legalization of weed nationwide.

Accessing weed is still a problem to some if not most of the users. Most users prefer purchasing weed online rather than making a trip to the dispensary.

The main reasons lie between confidentiality and also convenience. However, buying weed online is such a hassle despite the advantage. Users report getting scammed of their money as the biggest buying weed online fear.

Imagine paying for a package and waiting for the delivery forever. Other challenges posed by buying weed online are high delivery prices, late delivery, and different provincial or territorial rules.

The benefits of buying weed online


Yes, weed is legal in Canada but a substantial percentage of people still oppose the move to end it’s prohibition. A report by Forum Research found out that only 52% of Canadians are in acceptance of weed use for recreational purposes and only 10% are willing to reconsider their stance after the legalization of marijuana.

This leaves us with a good number of people who may not like to see you in a cannabis dispensary. Getting it delivered to your doorstep deprives you of the stigma.


With everyone so busy running daily errands, convenience is becoming a big part of life. Buying weed online gets it delivered to you wherever and whenever you want it.


The Canadian laws are for four plants per household. One can only possess 30 grams in public. Additionally, the sale of cannabis edibles and concentrates is banned in Canada. This is however set to change with the second wave of legalization.

These leaves physical dispensaries with no option other than not stocking your favourite shatter, phoenix tears oil or any other concentrates.

Online weed stockists, provide variety. This starts with varieties of buds, edibles,and even concentrates. Buying weed online bridges the gap in the market.

Medical marijuana concentrates

There are a variety of medical marijuana products that you can purchase online.


This is a medical concentrate that is derived by getting the cannabinoids THC and CBD to make a glassy sheet. The sheet once dropped shatters hence the name “shatter” It contains the psychoactive cannabinoids up to 97%. It is a highly potent concentrate.

Phoenix tears

This is a high THC cannabis oil. It is used to cure a variety of diseases in North America including cancer. The oil is sometimes referred to Rick Simpson oil after the biggest cannabis activist  Rick Simpson. It is also used as an anti aging concentrate. It is advised to use the cannabis concentrate  in small amounts, probably a fraction of rice grain. This is because it is a very strong cannabis substance.

Buying weed online from a legal and legitimate store has numerous advantages over buying at your nearest dispensary. You can get yours delivered to your doorstep today.